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Foods that are to be steamed should be cooked until they are just done and served immediately. Overcooking can make the food rubbery or dry.
Cook mushrooms as soon as they are cut for best flavour, colour and consistency in the finished dish. Avoid cutting more than needed at any given time.
While steaming vegetables or potatoes add herbs or spices to the cooking liquid so that their flavours are absorbed.
While sautéing vegetables or any meat dish add a small amount of sugar, honey or any fruit juice near the end of the cooking time. This gives glaze, additional flavour and a golden sheen to the finished dish.
When using curds in gravy, add salt only after curd is cooked so that it does not curdle.
If using nutmeg, add freshly grated nutmeg only at the end of cooking as heat diminishes the flavour.
Lettuce when cut with a knife get discoloured along the edges so they should always ben torn by hand.
Before barbecuing food apply a little oil over it. This will prevent it from sticking. Also grease the barbecue, skewers and tongs for the same reason.
When baking bread, to test if a loaf is cooked, tap the tin underneath with your knuckles. If it is cooked there will be a hollow sound.
While cooking Thai food, if galangal is not available substitute it with half the amount of freshly grated ginger.